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How do I set up Prerequisite catalog entries?

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Dawn allows you to require users to complete Prerequisite catalog entries showing satisfactory Mastery before they can enroll in the next catalog entry.

How do Prerequisites work?

When Prerequisites are set up for an entry, they are listed on that entry's Catalog for learners along with a message informing learners to complete them in order to enroll. They are also displayed in the entry's Related section.

When a learner is already Certified in a Prerequisite catalog entry, the next entry in sequence is listed in the Suggested section of their Learner dashboard's .  

Administrators are allowed to enroll users in an entry with Prerequisites before they're completed; however, they will see a warning message on enrolling them, and the learners won't be able to sign into the entry until the Prerequisites are fulfilled.

Administrators are also allowed to manually change an enrollment's Status to Certified, allowing them to enroll without showing Mastery.

How to set up Prerequisites?

  1. In the Administration tools > Catalog screen, click Edit for the catalog entry you want to add Prerequisites to.
  1. In the Authoring tool > Catalog screen, check the boxes next to all the entries that you want as Prerequisites. Your changes are saved when you navigate to a new screen.

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