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Dawn Authoring FAQ

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Authors in Dawn can easily create video-centric courses using project-based and mastery-based methods that can reach learners anywhere, anytime, and on any device. They can also create learner groups and add learning interactions to videos to create an engaging learning experience.

Review the following frequently asked questions about authoring in Dawn

What is a "Catalog entry" in Dawn?

Dawn allows you to create and sell Catalog entries to learners through an online Catalog. A Catalog entry has the flexibility to be built  to meet various needs. For example, they can be traditional courses with video instruction and learning  interactions, or can be set up as coaching hubs where learners go just for expert coaching advice and learner materials.

What kind of instructional content and interactions can I build in Dawn?

The main content in a Dawn Catalog entry is either an Instruction or an Interaction.

How do I add a new Catalog entry to my Dawn site?

Dawn allows you to create and sell Catalog entries to learners through an online Catalog. With the correct permissions, you can easily add new Catalog entries to your site using the Administration tools. Once added, you can configure and add content.

How do I configure and add content to my Catalog entry?

Once a catalog entry is added, you can:

  • Configure things like price, branding, coaching options, mastery parameters, certifications, etc.  
  • Create and add content like instructional videos, learning interactions, mastery checks, projects, etc.
How do I add coaches and enable learners to set up coaching sessions?

Coaches can be added to Catalog entries where they can respond to questions, identify learners who need intervention, give feedback by annotating video submissions, and review projects and other submissions that are awaiting feedback. When enabled, learners can reserve seats in group coaching sessions and schedule one-on-one meetings for personalized help.


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