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How do I allow learners to self enroll in Catalog entries?

  • Updated:

Administrators and authors can configure Catalog entries to allow learners to self enroll from their Catalog screen. If this is not enabled, learners can only be enrolled by administrators.

  1. Open the Administration tools > Catalog screen.
  2. Click the Pencil [Edit] icon next to the course in which you want allow self enrollment.
  1. Open the Authoring tools > Catalog screen.
  2. Check the Enable self-enrollment box to allow learners to enroll in the catalog entry from their Catalog screen. Disabling this means that learners can only be enrolled by administrators; doing this can be useful if you want a course to appear in the catalog, but not allow enrollment, yet.
  3. Check the Enable self-enrolling in a time-based cohort box if are using or want to use Time-based cohorts and want to allow self-enrollment.
  4. If you want the self-enrollments to automatically expire, check the Automatically expire enrollment box and enter the number of days you want the enrollment to last.
  5. Save.

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