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How do I add and manage Note interactions to videos in Dawn?

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Note Interactions are fullscreen content that can be created to appear during a Video Instruction while the video pauses. Notes are informational-only, meaning that learners review the text and images on the screen, and click Continue when they are done. They are not asked to answer questions or make choices.

To add Notes to Video Instructions:

  1. Using the video preview in the Video card, place the video scrubber approximately where you want the Note to appear. You can change this timing later if needed.
  2. Click the Add button and select Interaction > Note.
  1. Give the Note a Title
  2. Provide the Mastery award value.
  3. With the Continue action dropdown, you can define what happens when the learner clicks the selected Continue after reviewing content. You can choose to:
    • Continue video from where it paused for the Note.  
    • Take the learner to any other Instruction (like a Video story or instruction video) in the catalog entry.
    • Take the learner to a different Interaction in the same Instruction.
  4. Check the Prompt learner to enter actual time spent if you want that self reported.
  5. Provide the Note's content in the Body field.

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