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How do I create and manage Time-based cohorts in Dawn?

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Time-based cohorts are enrollment groups where members are allowed to access a catalog entry only after a specified date and time. Administrators and Authors can create them.

Time-based cohorts are created managed as a type of Group in Dawn (administrators can also create them when enrolling multiple learners at once with a purchase order).

To add learners to Time-based cohort Groups (new or existing), you must create the group, then:

  1. Check the Time-based cohort box.
  2. Provide the Start date and Start time at which members of this group can access content and provide an optional Expires date if you want access removed on a certain date.


  • If you choose to make a Time-based cohort group Private, the option to allow learners to self-enroll is not allowed for that cohort.
  • Newsletters using enrollment relative release dates will be automatically updated to follow the dates specified for each Timed-based cohorts, so you don't have to worry about updating them manually!

How do I Enable self-enrollment in Time-based cohorts?

For catalog entries where Time-based cohorts are available, authors can enable self-enrollment in specific Time-based cohorts when learners sign up for content.

  1. To open the authoring tools, choose to edit the catalog entry from the Administration tools > Catalog screen.
  2. Select Catalog.
  3. Check the Enable self-enrollment box and choose Enable self-enrolling in a time-based cohort. This gives leaners the ability to choose any Time-based cohorts that haven't begun, yet, or to choose No group.
  4. Check the Require learners to choose a cohort to force learners to choose a Time-based cohort that hasen't begun, yet (the No group option is removed).
  5. You can give learners the opportunity to join the cohort late by checking the Allow learners to register after start date and providing the number of days in the Grace period field.
  6. Click Manage groups to make changes to Time-based cohorts and other Groups for this catalog entry.

When learners enroll in the catalog entry, they are given the option (or required) to choose a Time-based cohort.


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