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How do I integrate Dawn with Zapier?

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Dawn is now integrated with Zapier! Zapier allows you to connect Dawn with your other apps (over 2,000 currently supported) to automate repetitive tasks without coding, so you can focus on other things.

How Zapier works

Very simply, once you've integrated your apps, you can specify a Trigger in one app and tie it to a desired resulting Action in another app (or even in the same app). Once set up, Zapier automates the connection, so you don't have to!


If you want all of your new user signups in Dawn to be added to an email list in Mailchimp, you would set your Trigger to New user in Agilix Dawn and your Action to Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp. Zapier asks for all of the additional information it needs (which information to import from Dawn, which Mailchimp tags to attach to the user, etc.,), and, very like magic, the task is automated (Zapier calls these Zaps); you never have to manually add new Dawn users to Mailchimp, again!

Start using Dawn with Zapier today!

Be a part of our first Dawn-on-Zapier users!

  1. Create a Zapier account (options include a free trial and a free version of Zapier).
  2. Use this link to automatically add Dawn to your list of possible apps.
  3. Complete your integration and start creating Zaps!

Integrate with Zapier

Dawn is set up to let you easily integrate with Zapier:

  1. Follow Zapier's directions on how to Connect app accounts in My Apps.
  2. When you select Agilix Dawn, you are asked for a Website Hostname and an Authorization Token. You can generate these in your Administration tools > Site management screen.
  3. Open Integrations.
  4. Click Add token.
  1. Give the Token a name (e.g., Zapier integration), and Dawn automatically generates the values. Click on the Token to access them.
  1. Copy and paste them into the Zapier form.

Create a Zap

Tasks that you automate using Zapier by tying a Trigger to an Action are known as Zaps. Currently, Dawn is set up to allow the following Triggers and Actions:

  • Triggers:
    • New user
    • New enrollment
    • Certification
  • Actions:
    • Create user
    • Create enrollment

Zapier has documented how to create Zaps, but we'll also run you through a quick example using Dawn.

Imagine you have two courses in Dawn that build on each other: Teacher PD: Classroom Management Part 1 and Teacher PD: Classroom Management Part 2. You want your learners to be automatically enrolled in part 2 when they earn their certification for part 1. There can be a Zap for that!

1. Define the Trigger

First, define the Trigger:

  1. On your Zaps screen in Zapier, click Create Zap.
  1. Give your Zap a name.
  2. Search for Dawn in the App event search field. This is the Trigger app.
  1. In the Trigger event dropdown, you see all of the available events in the selected app. Choose New certification and click Continue.
  1. You are asked to provide the Agilix Dawn account you want to use; this is the account you connected with the Token above. Select the account and click Continue.
  1. At this point, Zapier will offer to test the Trigger by accessing content from the Trigger app to make sure your connection is correctly set up. We recommend that you click Test trigger. Zapier provides enough information in the test for you to verify the connection.

2. Filter the Trigger

Now you have defined a Trigger that will initiate an Action for all New certifications. However, you only want this action to occur if the certification occurs in Teacher PD: Classroom Management Part 1. You can use Zapier's Filter Action to enforce this rule:

  1. Click Filter in the side menu.
    • Note: Notice that Zapier includes other ways to alter the Action (Format and Delay).
  1. Now define your Filter conditions. In this example, we've chosen to allow the Action to continue only if the:
    • Course title
    • (text) exactly matches
    • Teacher PD: Classroom Management Part 1
  2. Click Continue.

3. Define the Action

Now, define the Action:

  1. In this example, we want the Trigger in Dawn to initiate an Action in Dawn, so search for Dawn in the App event search field again.
  1. Choose Create enrollment from the Action event dropdown, and click Continue.
  2. Choose your Agilix Dawn account like you did in Step 5, above, and click Continue.
  1. In the Set up action section, select the User ID from your Dawn account that that was returned by the Trigger test in Step 6, above. To do this, click the User ID field and choose Custom; this displays the content from the Trigger test, so you can choose that User ID.
    • Note: This user will be enrolled in the course, so be sure to delete the enrollment after the test if you don't want that user enrolled.
  1. Provide the other values asked for in the Set up action section by selecting:
    • The Course ID that you want learners to be automatically enrolled in.
    • An Expires on date if you want the enrollments to have an expiration.
    • A specific Group ID if you want learners to be enrolled as part of a Group.
  2. Click Continue.
  1. You can choose to Test & Review the Action results, Test & Continue, or Skip test; we recommend you Test & Review.  
  1. After a successful test,  you can:
    • Turn on the Zap, making it live.
    • Retest the action.
    • Close, and turn the Zap on later.

Your Zap now appears on your Zaps screen, where you can return to enable/disable it, edit it, and/or share it with others.


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