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How do I create and edit video transcripts and add interactions?

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Dawn is a video-centric learning tool, so, as you add videos, it's important that you make sure accurate video transcripts are available for your learners.

When you upload videos, you have the option of:

You will always want to review a transcript to correct any errors or timing issues. You can also add interactions and story scenes if you want.

Upload a transcript

To attach an uploaded transcript to a video:

  1. Upload the .vtt file to the Resource library.
  2. Add or open the video in the editor.
  3. Click Edit transcript, interactions and overlays.
  1. Open the More menu in the Transcript and select Choose transcript file.
  1. Select the .vtt file you uploaded.
  2. Click Set transcript.

Create and edit transcripts and add interactions

To create and edit video transcripts:

  1. Select or upload the desired video.
  2. Click Edit transcript, interactions and overlays on the Video card.
  1. Under Transcript, each subtitle is attached to its own start and end timestamps (in minutes:seconds:frames) within the video. These timestamps indicate when the subtitle appears for the video, and when it disappears (each has to last at least .5 seconds).
  2. Watch the video to see how these subtitles align. You can make changes to timing by either:
    • Editing the In and Out timestamps in the transcript.
    • Dragging the In and Out points in the timeline editor below the video.
  1. Before and after each subtitle, below the video preview, and in the timeline editor, an Add or plus sign + button appears. Click one of these to add:
  1. Once items are placed, you can move them by:
    • Dragging them in the timeline editor.
    • (Interactions only) Clicking the more menu next to Interactions to move them up or down in the transcript or to duplicate them.
    • (Overlays only) Opening the Overlays tab and changing their In and Out timestamps.

Editing transcripts

You can always return and edit transcripts later. When you make changes to a transcript, the Save button in the authoring toolbar is enabled. Simply click it to save.

Providing translated transcripts

You can also translate your transcripts into other languages, allowing your learners to choose the language of their choice.


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