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How do I change my Dawn URL?

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When you sign up for Dawn, you choose your site URL using the following format:

Site admins can change that URL after the fact by submitting a change request using the Site Management > Website card.

Submit a change request with the Site management


In order for a change request to go through, you must own the domain and DNS routing for the requested hostname. After you submit the request, you have to add a custom DNS entry with your DNS management service to finish switching to the new hostname.

We recommend you add someone with IT or DNS access as an admin on your site to manage any address switches.

To change your URL:

  1. Select the Website card in Site management.
  2. Click the edit [pencil] icon next to Address.
  3. Enter the desired site name.
  4. Click Submit request.
  1. Once the request is made, you are provided the values you need to add to your DNS management service. Be sure to enter them as they appear in the provided table.
  2. Once you've added them, click Refresh status.
  1. Once your ownership of the address is validated, click the Switch to new address button that appears.

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