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How does offline learning in Dawn work for proprietary content?

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One of the things that makes Dawn so convenient for learners and powerful for coaches and trainers is its ability to be used offline and with limited connectivity. A simplified explanation for this functionality is that content can be "downloaded" to learners' devices, so they can access it wherever they are. This description can raise concerns about the ability for our site owners to control distribution of their valuable IP, so we wanted to give a bit more information.

When learners choose to "download" course content that they have purchased, the files are not being saved the way a photo might be downloaded. It is only being cached in the browser and is not being stored in an easily-accessible place for learners to share with others. It is not stored in the device's “files” or "documents” folders, nor is it visible anywhere else except in the internal browser cache. This is the same functionality used any time any of us play content through a browser on any device. We're just leveraging it to make Dawn that much cooler.

Additionally, if there is an expiration date on an enrollment, they are enforced, even when offline, so learners would only have access to content until the enrollment expires.

Dawn uses industry-standard software operations to ensure content protection while allowing our coaches, mentors, trainers, and entrepreneurs to market their content and share their ideas.  We are committed to doing all we can to make your business successful and viable.


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