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How do I delete learners and enrollments?

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In Dawn, a Learner is any user who has joined your website to take courses whether they've enrolled in a course or not. As an administrator, you can:

  • Delete learners to remove their access to your site. When you delete a learner, all of their enrollments are also deleted.
  • Delete enrollments to remove a learner's connection to a course and all of the associated data. When you delete an enrollment, the learner remains in your site. You are refunded the original $5 enrollment fee if this happens within two weeks of enrollment,  and you can choose how to handle refunds for your learners (in Dawn or through Stripe).

Delete learners

To delete a learner:

  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. Select the Learners screen.
  3. Click the More menu next to the learner you want to delete and select Delete user.

Delete enrollments

You'll notice that Dawn allows you to delete enrollments in various places throughout the app. Here's how you can easily delete individual enrollments or enrollments in bulk:

  1. Open the Administration tools > Catalog screen.
  2. Select the relevant course to see its Enrollment details screen.
  1. To delete a single enrollment, click the More menu next to the desired enrollment and click Delete enrollment.
  2. To delete multiple enrollments at once, check the boxes next to the enrollments, and click the Garbage can [delete] icon in the toolbar.
  1. A prompt appears asking you to confirm the deletion(s). You are also given the opportunity to automatically refund full payments from this prompt.

Note: If you choose not to handle the refund here, you can:


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