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How do I create and manage organizations in Dawn?

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The Organizations screen is set up for entities, like school districts or businesses, that want to purchase course bulk enrollments  in advance for their members.

Organization Administrators can use purchase orders to create enrollments for their members and track the progress of those enrollments. Site administrators create the purchase orders for organization use when contracts are signed outside of the Dawn system.

Add and edit organization information

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add organizations, providing:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Avatar (300x300)
    • Description
  2. Edit organization information.
  3. Delete organizations.
  4. Click an organization to review and edit Administrators, Enrollments, and Purchase orders.

Organizations > Administrators screen

On the Administrators screen, you can:

  1. Add Organization Administrators (these must be existing Dawn users).
  2. Review user feeds.
  3. Remove Administrators from the Organization.

Organizations > Enrollments screen

On the Enrollments screen, you can:

  1. Filter the enrollments by Group.
  2. Review enrollment data.
  3. Review enrollment feeds and other Actions.
  4. Enroll learners in the catalog entry and pay for them with a credit card or with the organization's purchase order.

Organizations > Purchase orders screen

On the Purchase orders screen, you can set up and manage purchase order amounts. Only root/site administrators, or site administrators, can add/edit purchase orders. District/organization administrators can view purchase orders to see what funds are available and authorize enrollment purchases.


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