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How do Administrators update and manage billing?

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Making and collecting payments in Dawn

Dawn is set up to let you easily pay for services as well as collect payments for content and services you sell.

  • You pay for Dawn's services with a credit card listed under Payment method and the associated Billing contact information in Site management.
  • You collect payment from individual customers through your Stripe payout account which is also configured in Site management.
    • Note: Site/Root admins can review all transactions made on their site on the Reports > Payments screen.

Only Root/Site Administrators have access to the Site Management screen where you can update all payment and Billing information:

  1. Payment method lets you enter or change your credit card information. This is how you pay for the Dawn services you use.
  2. Billing contact lets you enter and update contact details. A monthly invoice is emailed using this information.
  3. Recent billing history shows a summary of your most recent invoice. Click it to see the details.
  4. Stripe payout account lets you connect to your Stripe account. This is how your users pay you for content and services.
  5. Currency lets you choose the currency you want used in your site.

Monthly invoice

You will receive an invoice every 30 days detailing everything that your site has earned and what you've been charged, including:

  1. Billed dates.
  2. An overall Summary of usage, fees, and revenue for Enrollments, Enrollment refunds, Coaches, Languages, and Storage.
  3. A detailed list of purchases and refunds made in your site.


When an enrollment is deleted, site owners are refunded the original $5 application fee if it's within two weeks of the enrollment's start date. Site owners are then able to choose how to handle refunds for their learners.


Site administrators can set the currency used in their Dawn site.

The chosen currency impacts:

  • The way prices are displayed throughout the application.
  • Credit card charges and debit purchase orders.
  • Enrollment purchase displays in the monthly billing report

Note: Many currencies display similar to USD with a $ prefix, so the display will be indistinguishable in those instances. But, the charges will be recorded in the selected currency.


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