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How do I add custom user attributes?

  • Updated:

Root Administrators only

You can add User attributes to your website. These are custom fields that you can require learners to complete at signup. These appear in learner and enrollment reports, and can be included on completion certificates.

  1. On the Administrator view > Site Management screen, open User attributes card and click Add user attribute.
  2. Provide an Attribute ID. This is a for tracking and reporting purposes and can contain only letters, numbers, and dashes.
  3. Provide a Display title for the attribute. This is what your learners see.
  4. Choose the type of field:
    • Free-form text gives learners a text editor to complete.
    • Choose from pre-defined values asks the learner to choose from listed options. When using this option, you must also provide a Choice ID (letters, numbers, and dashes only) and an associated Choice display for each option.
  5. Provide Optional help text if you want learners to have more information about the attribute and why you're collecting the information.
  6. Indicate whether you want:
    • The User response required on signup.
    • To Show as column in reports.
  7. Save attribute.

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