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How do I create courses and other Catalog entries in Dawn?

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Dawn allows you to create and sell Catalog entries to learners through an online Catalog. A Catalog entry has the flexibility to be built  to meet various needs. For example, they can be traditional courses with video instruction and learning  interactions, or can be set up as coaching hubs where learners go just for expert coaching advice and learner materials.

Catalog entry overview

Catalog entries in Dawn can present learners with a combination of the following elements:

  1. Mastery and Effort (Time spent) tracking dashboard.
  2. Coaching help and session scheduling.
  3. Peer learning Groups.
  4. Newsletters with automated scheduled delivery.
  5. Attached learning Materials.
  6. Learning content organized with a simple Table of contents with Sections that contain Instructions (with an emphasis on video and interactive activities).

These elements are broken down with more detail for authors here and for learners here.

Create Catalog entries

To create a new catalog entry with Dawn:

  1. Open the Administration > Catalog screen.
  2. Click Add to catalog.
  3. Provide:
  4. Click Create. This takes you to Dawn's authoring tools.

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