How do I use the Clipboard?

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The Clipboard: Our Intervention Superhero

Use the Clipboard to quickly provide personalized attention to students. It is always available in the toolbar and you can assign activities, award badges, assign tasks, and message students quickly and easily based on their needs. This is an easy way to adapt on the fly; you can even sit with a student or group, discuss what they are trying to accomplish, and develop and assign next steps and tasks right in Buzz with them

Open the Clipboard from the toolbar or Main Menu.

In this tool, you can:

  • Create and save Quick Lists of students, so you can easily engage with those groups later.
  • Click Activities to create personalized activities for individual students or groups.
  • Click Badges to reinforce good performance.
  • Click Tasks to create simple, personalized tasks for individual students or groups.
  • Click Messages to quickly communicate with individual students or groups.

Accessibility notes

  • An inline help item appears on this screen that is not currently supported by screen readers. It appears next to the Description field in the Badges tab and reads: Use replacement variables to personalize badges. Learn more.

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  • Creating Tasks and Activities that are tailored to meet a specific student’s or group of students’ needs is one of the most powerful ways to help students master objectives and show competency.
  • Using Quick Lists can save you time while still enabling you to provide the personalized attention your students need.

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