How do I assign activities using the Clipboard?

Ryan Richins
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Use the  Clipboard to create impromptu activities for any student at any time.

The Clipboard walks you through the process of assigning supplemental activities to individuals or groups:

  1. Open the Clipboard tool from the toolbar or Main Menu; the Activities tab is open by default.
  2. Add the student(s), Quick Lists, and/or Groups to whom you want to assign the activity using the panel on the left (How do I add students to the Clipboard?).
  3. Add activity content in one of the following ways:
    • Choose from the options under Add an Activity; you can upload a file, link a video, add a Google Drive document, link a website, or create an activity with a rich text editor.
    • Click Search library, which allows you to choose content from other Buzz courses or external sources to which you have access.
  4. Indicate whether you want the activity to be Gradable and click Next.
  1. Indicate the desired Grading Period (if enabled in your domain). the desired destination folder in the Syllabus, and the Due date.
  2. Click Next.
  1. If activity metadata is made available by the system admin (using Domain Settings > Course Options), you will be able to use the Edit metadata step.
  2. Click Next.
  1. If you clicked the Gradable box, you are able to edit the following settings:
    • Weight in category
    • The desired Score entry model: Points, Rubric, Percentage, or Letter Grade
    • The appropriate Grading category
    • The appropriate Period
    • Whether This activity counts as extra credit
    • Whether you want to Hide returned scores until a certain date and provide the date and time you want the scores to become visible
    • The Passing score
    • Whether the Score can be dropped from calculated course score
    • Whether to Include this activity's score in final-grade calculation
    • Whether to Require a passing score for course credit
    • Whether to Treat as zero in gradebook until this activity is scored
  2. Click Next.
  1. Assign activity.

Creating personalized activities using the Clipboard enables you to give truly individual attention.

Search library

Clicking Search library opens a searchable Library of digital content that's connected to your domain.

  1. Use the filters to find specific collections or activities.
  2. Click Open to browse collections and folders of content.
  1. When you find the activity or activities you want, check the Add to cart box to select them.
  2. Click Link or Copy; linked content receives updates from the content provider and copied content does not.

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  • The  Clipboard tool enables you to take quick intervention steps from any page in Buzz.

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Gideon Seaman

What will the student see when a clipboard assignment is given? How is this communicated to the student? Thanks!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Clipboard Activities/Tasks act like regular activities. For example, if a due date is added, then it will appear in the student's To-do List. If it is gradable, on the student's Grades page. All of them will always appear in the student's For Me page in the Performance tool.

Clipboard Activities also will also appear in the student's course tree, as the teacher defines what folder it should appear in.

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Gideon Seaman

Good morning Agilix team, and happy back-to-school! I have a question regarding assigning activities with the clipboard tool. Many content publishers have remediation/enrichment activities built into their curriculum. Is there a way to link to course items (like on the agenda), rather than to link to other material? I was able to use the "Search Library" function to access my course content, but this takes so many clicks that it is not a useful solution. Thanks!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Gideon, happy back-to-school to you, too!

When you say link to course items, are you meaning to link to an activity inside of another activity? If so, then yes, you can. 

In the content editor, select [1] Insert Link and then [2] Link to course activity.

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Gideon Seaman

Hi Brad! Thanks for the response. No, specifically, I mean within the clipboard tool. Currently, I *think* the only way to assign a course object to a group of students within the clipboard is to use the library (which is pretty click-heavy). The options within the clipboard are upload a file, add a YouTube video, add a Google Drive document, add a website link, create a rich text activity, or search the library for content (see screenshot below). Is there a way to assign just those students a pre-existing learning object in the course? 

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for the clarification. You can not (re-)assign an activity that is already a required course activity. However, you can assign activities quickly that are "choice activities." See How do I enable and manage student choice activities? So, if you create a folder in your course, "Enable student choice for this folder," and place several activities in the Choice Activities folder, these can become easily accessible to assign in the Clipboard tool. 

Here is an example:

  1. I've enabled "student choice" for the folder titled "Module."
  2. I've added 4 supplemental activities into the folder.
  3. Now, in the Clipboard (when the course is selected), I see a new button titled "Supplemental Materials."
  4. Selecting it will show those "Choice Activities" that can easily and quickly be assigned.

And, that's it. The choice activities are intended (unless required) to be materials that can help students to further progress or explore a topic. It can also be used by teachers to assign to a student if they believe they need additional help or need to be challenged more.

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Gideon Seaman

Brad--thank you! This is really helpful! 

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Aaron Profitt

The Clipboard tool seems useful for me -- I have an assignment (peer teaching) that all students do, but at various times through the semester. Thus the Clipboard allows me to create individual instances with due dates.

Am I correct that Clipboard assignments do not show up in my Needs Grading area, even if they are gradable? (I can of course access them through the Gradebook.)

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Aaron!

Gradable items will show in the teacher to-do list if the item is configured to require the teacher input grades. 

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Tami Warnick

Is there anyway to add a dropbox to a gradable item through the clipboard?  In the past we were able to add the dropbox but in the latest release I am not seeing this as an option.  What am I missing? 



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Aaron Profitt

Slow to respond, Brian -- how can I configure an item to require I input grades? I have made the item gradable by rubric. It has a due date. But it doesn't show in my to-do list or in the gradebook...

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