How do I create Quick Lists?

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Quick Lists enable you to easily group personalize intervention for a set of students who have similar needs.

Using the Clipboard, you can easily build a Quick List including students from any of your courses. Once created and saved, you can use the Clipboard to send Quick List members messages, award them badges, and assign them activities and tasks.

To create a Quick List with the Clipboard tool:

  1. Open the Clipboard from the toolbar or Main Menu.
  2. Type each student name into the Add student, quick list, or group field and select them from the autofill dropdown. Remove students from the list by unchecking them in the Clipboard list above the Add student, quick list, or group field.
  3. Click Save once you have added all intended students to the list; only students with the selected checkboxes are included.
  4. Give the list a descriptive name and click OK.

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  • To clear your list entirely, check your full Clipboard list and click Remove.
  • Quick List members are unable to see other members of the list.
  • You can add students to the Clipboard directly from People and Performance tools.

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