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[Beta] How do I import 1EdTech QTI packages into Dawn?

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Note:This is a beta feature; we welcome your feedback as you test it out. If you encounter complications, please contact your system administrator to verify correct implementation and usage.

1EdTech's Question and Test Interoperability, or QTI, specification enables the exchange of item and test content and results data between platforms.

Dawn's QTI beta supports the importing of simple multiple choice activities that resemble our Choice interactions.

To import a QTI package:

  1. Open the Administration tools > Catalog screen.
  2. Click the Edit [pencil] icon next to the desired course.
  1. In the Section you want the content to be inserted, click Import and select 1EdTech QTI Package.
  1. Click Upload file and upload the QTI package as a .zip file.
  1. The package appears in the Section as an Interaction. Click it to make edits.
  1. You can edit the Title and enter the Expected duration.
  2. Each question in the Interaction appears as a Choice question. Click on a question to edit it as you would any other Choice question in Dawn.

Learners are able to answer all of the questions from the QTI in order.


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