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How do I view a course's edit history in Dawn?

Authors in Dawn can review changes made to a course and other catalog entries in Dawn using the Authoring tools, Settings screen.

View edit history shows a list of all of the versions, when the edits were made, and by whom. Authors can also review JSON records (this requires some coding literacy).

To do so:

  1. Open the Administration > Catalog screen.
  2. Select Edit for the desired entry.
  1. On the Settings screen, click View edit history.
  1. On the Edit history screen, previous Versions are listed along with the date they were Modified and who they were Modified by. Select a version to see more details.
  1. On the Changes screen, you can see the version number, date and time that you're viewing.
  2. Review the Change (changed element and current value) and the Preview value.
  3. Use the Previous version and Next version buttons to review other versions.
  1. Click Raw differences to view a raw diff of the concept JSON records; the changes are highlighted.
    • Note: This view may take some time to load.

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