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How do I create and manage my Dawn Landing pages?

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On the Site management > Landing page screen, you manage the page users reach when they visit your URL and are not signed in. It's the first page your users see when they follow your invite, so you want to make sure it represents your site and business well.

There are three Types of Landing page creation and management approaches you can choose from:

  • Use the Default template to create a single landing page provided by Dawn and populated with content and assets you create and upload.
  • Use page builder to use Dawn's WYSIWYG landing page editor to create a single landing page or multiple interlinked pages.
  • Upload a custom HTML page to create your landing page(s) from scratch.

Default template

In the Visible elements section, you are able to choose which elements of the Default template you want to show on your Landing page; uncheck the box next to any element to hide it, and Dawn automatically reformats your page.

To customize your template, provide the following:

  1. The Background image appears as the "hero image" at the top and in the background of your Landing page.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 750x750
  1. The Header image appears above the website title and intro video in the scrollable content and can have transparency to allow the background image to show through.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 1200x400
  1. The Video appears under your site title, and should introduce your business and content. The template allows you to choose your Video type from the following options:
    • Default video that already appears and introduces Agilix Dawn
    • YouTube video which asks for a link. If you choose this option, we recommend you make the video discoverable on YouTube to help lead people to your site. Note: Keep in mind that YouTube videos use cookies that track data when users watch a video; Dawn has disabled cookies everywhere else in the platform.
    • Upload a custom video that you create to introduce your site (recommended).
  1. The Introduction text appears below the video. This section should succinctly describe your site and encourage learners to sign up.
  1. The colors are defined by the theme you specify on the Branding card, and the remaining text describes the features in Dawn that make your learning experience impactful.

Landing Page builder

The Page builder allows you to see what landing pages look like as you manually build and edit them. Click Launch page builder to start.

  1. Dawn provides a basic template (modeled on the Default template) that you can edit and build upon.
  2. You can also create new pages from scratch using Add page, and link these pages together using internal links or by inserting a custom menu.

The Page builder in Dawn is similar to other WYSIWYG editors, allowing you to build and customize pages without much coding knowledge.

  1. The display options at the top, left of the toolbar allow you to preview the page as it would appear (from left to right) on a desktop/laptop, a tablet, and a phone.
  2. At the top, right of the canvas, you have additional display and editing tools (from left to right):
    • View components, which highlights all of the components on the canvas for you.
    • Preview, which hides the tools to show you a how the current page would look in a browser.
    • Fullscreen
    • View code, which displays the HTML and CSS for the current page and allows you to download them.
    • Undo and Redo
    • Import, which allows you to import code.
    • Clear canvas, which deletes all components on the current page.
  1. The panel on the right houses four different toolbars that you select with the tools at the top (from left to right):
    • Style manager (selections made here control the component styles on your page).
    • Component settings, which allows you to give each component a Title and ID.
    • Layer manager
    • Blocks (shown in screenshot), which allows you to add and edit content blocks to your page.
  2. The Blocks toolbar is currently shown. These are the tools you will use to create your pages and add content. To add Blocks, simply drag and drop them to the desired location on the screen.

Upload a custom HTML page

If you wish to build and upload your own custom HTML page, you will have to compress the pages into a .zip file. You can download an example page as a .zip file by clicking Download sample. If you are not familiar with HTML, we recommend you use one of the other options.

To upload a custom HTML page follow these instructions:

  1. Click the edit [pencil] icon next to Custom landing page.
  1. Follow the Instructions in this window: Create a zip file of your landing page with an index.html file at the root.
  2. Click Upload zip file and select the file.
  3. Save.

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