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How do I add an embedded external LTI activity to Dawn?

  • Updated:

Dawn supports LTI 1.3

This has been developed, specifically, to support all Buzz activities that are available through our learning delivery tool, Publish Anywhere.  

Note: Importing multiple activities using 1EdTech Common Cartridge is the recommended process for using LTI.

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Integrate with LTI tools to use this feature

In order to add LTI activities in Dawn, you must first set up your integration following one these instruction sets:

Add LTI activity

Once your integration is set up, you can add an embedded external LTI activity to Dawn:

  1. Select the desired Section in the Catalog entry.
  2. Click Add instruction and choose LTI activity.
  1. Provide a Title for the activity.
  2. Provide Mastery award and Expected duration values.
  3. Select the LTI tool (once you integrate an LTI tool, it appears in this dropdown).
  4. Provide the LTI target URL.
  5. Save.

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