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How do I create Multiple interactions within one Instruction item?

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You can create Multiple interactions (like Choice questions, Short answer questions, Discussions, etc) within a single Instruction item to teach concepts or skills using a progression of activities.

  1. When learners complete Multiple interactions, they are provided a breadcrumb menu along to top to track their progress.
  2. Each Interaction can be assigned custom feedback and Mastery award amounts.
  3. Learners use the Continue button to move through the activity.

Create a Multiple interactions activity

To create a Multiple interactions activity:  

  1. Open the desired catalog entry from Administration > Catalog and select the section you want to add the activity to.
  2. Click Add instruction and choose Multiple interactions.
  1. Give the activity a Title.
  2. Provide the Expected duration for the Interaction to inform Effort data.
  3. Click Add interaction and choose the Interaction you want (Choice question, Short answer questions, Multiple response, Discussions, Notes on the instruction, Flash cards, Sorting activities, Labelled graphics, Video, YouTube video, or Vimeo video).
  1. After selecting an Instruction, Dawn takes you to its editor. In this example, you see a YouTube video editor. Create the Interaction as you would when creating an individual Interaction and Save.
  2. You can use the Back to... button in the toolbar to return to the Multiple interactions editor.
  1. The activities you add appear under Interactions. In this example, we have already added a YouTube video and a Choice question to check the learners' understanding of the video.
  2. Click the Instruction to make edits or use the Actions menu to the right to Move, Duplicate, or Delete them.

In the example, learners watch a video to learn about a concept.

Then answer a Choice question to reinforce learning.


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