How to enable calculator, protractor, and ruler tools for assessments?

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You can make calculators, rulers, and a protractor available in assessments to help students answer certain questions. When enabled, these tools appear in the toolbar, and students click to open them.

  1. Calculators
  2. Protractor
  3. Rulers

The tools appear as popups and the rulers and protractor can be moved and rotated to be used over the top of anything on the screen.

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Enable these tools for an entire assessment or for individual questions

You can make any of these tools available for an entire assessment in the Assessment activity editor > Activity tab.

Or you can enable them for specific questions in the question editor.

Fix image size for measurement tools

The Protractor and Ruler tools maintain their dimensions regardless of screensize to retain accuracy. If you are inserting images into a question to use with the these tools, be sure to fix the size of the image so it doesn't adjust if students narrow their window size.

To do so, enter the desired Width in the Edit media window that appears when you insert the image (you can also access Edit media by clicking the image). This ensures that every student sees the image the same and can get accurate measurements.

Set up desired margins of error for Fill in the Blank questions

In Fill in the Blank questions that ask for numbers, any number within 1% of the correct answer is considered correct. Buzz also allows you to enter a range of numbers to accept as correct to set up your desired margin of error.

To do this, enter the range of accepted answers with two periods between the thresholds. If you want to accept between 1.75 and 2.25, you would enter 1.75..2.25 as the correct answer.  


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