How do I change my User Settings? (Teacher)

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Customize your Buzz experience.

To access your user settings, click the User Menu and select Settings.

From here, you can edit:

  1. The Email Address you want used (if allowed).
    • Note: If you have not verified your email address, you will see a prompt to do so. You must verify your address to get email.
  2. Your Profile picture (if allowed).
  3. LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) Privacy. Some course authors use LTI to integrate external applications, like Turnitin.com, to enhance your experience. You can choose to hide your email and/or name from these external websites by checking the appropriate boxes.
  4. Other by choosing to:
  5. Student-name display. The Name format field controls how you'd like student names to appear throughout Buzz and if you would like their email addresses and/or pictures to appear where applicable.
  6. Notification Preferences and Notifications email.

Additional visual indicators

Turning on additional visual indicators on the Other card (outlined above) means that, where colors are used to indicate meaning, you also want icons to show. These indicators appear in the People and Gradebook tools to represent grades, performance, and Self assessment information.

Here's how the colors align with icons:

  1. Red indicates failing or poor performance and is represented by an X in colored circles and an asterisk next to scores.
  2. Yellow indicates OK performance and is represented by a line in colored circles.
  3. Green indicates good performance and is represented by a checkmark in colored circles.
  4. Blue indicates a student is excelling and is represented by an upwards arrow in colored circles.

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