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Delay in auto-assigned zeroes

How long does it take for Buzz to auto-assign zeroes past the due date? I have an assignment that was due by 11:59pm last night and at 8:26pm tonight about 2/3 of the students who didn't turn it in have auto-assigned zeroes and the other 1/3 still do not. Every time I go back in a few more zeroes appear, but it seems inconsistent. 2 of my 4 classes have all zeroes showing now, but 2 classes have only about 1/2 showing up 20 hours past the deadline. Any ideas why there is a delay or why it is so inconsistent?

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Ryan Josephson

I find that if the students have not logged in since the automatic grade change occurred, then the scores will not have updated until they log in.  Check the last login time.

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Lynn White

I just spot-checked that theory, and I have an assignment that was due at midnight last night and kids who logged on this morning but still have the assignment missing but no zero.   

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

This is performed by an automated task. As a general rule it is best to wait 24-48 hours after the target date since you may be working with different time zones of when the activity's target date was created when compared to UTC. If it still doesn't flunk after 48 hours we would like to look into what may be causing the reported behavior. 

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