How do I create Assignments that ask for files, images, drawings, audio, video, URLs, and/or annotation?

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The Assignment activity type allows you to ask student to add specific types of attachements as part their activity submission. These activities are designed to guide students of any age to easily create or upload one or more of the following: Comments (text entry), Files, Google files, Images, Drawings, Audio, Video, Web addresses, Student annotations.

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You can also bulk edit these student submission settings!

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To create a submission Assignment in Buzz:

  1. Add an Assignment activity to your course.
  1. In the Settings tab > Gradebook and submission card, check the This activity is gradable box.
  2. To allows students to enter text as part of their submission, check the Allow comments box and select the type of text editor you want to provide:
    1. Rich text includes a full toolbar.
    2. Plain text has no toolbar.
  3. In the Allowed submission types dropdown, check the boxes for each type of submission attachment you want to allow:
    • File: This asks for any file to be uploaded from the student's device. If you want to limit the types of files students can attach, use the Allowed file extensions field, below.
    • Google file: This asks for a Google file. Students can choose one they've already created or, if your domain is integrated with Google Workspace, they can create one from the activity.
    • Image: This asks the student to upload or take a picture. Once the image is attached, the student can even draw on it using Buzz's drawing tool.
    • Drawing: This asks the student to draw something for their submission using Buzz's drawing tool.
    • Audio: This asks the student to upload or record audio.
    • Video: This asks the student to upload or record video.
    • Web address (URL): This asks the student to provide a URL (students are limited to only one with this Submission type).
    • Student annotation: This asks the student to edit Google file or an Image Template that you provide in the Annotation template to use field below.
  1. Check the Allow multiple attachments box to allow more than one attachment.
    • When selected, this option allows students to students to attach unlimited items for each Submission type you've allowed.
    • When not selected, students are allowed to attach one item, in total. Even if you allow multiple Submission types, students can only choose to attach one item from one of those types.
    • Note: The Web address (URL) type behaves differently. When selected, students are always allowed to submit one URL regardless of whether this box is checked.
  2. If you have allowed the File Submission type, you can specify Allowed file extensions (e.g., pdf, doc, html) by entering the extensions in this field.
  3. If you have allowed the Student annotation Submission type, choose the Annotation template to use here. You can choose either of the following:
    • A Google file, which is copied for the student to edit and submit.
    • An Image, which is opened in Buzz's drawing tool for students to edit and submit.
  4. Add content and configure your activity.

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