How do I insert math equations in Buzz's rich text editor?

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Buzz's rich text editor allows you to add math expressions, formulas, and equations.

For example, it will convert the text string:   sum_(k=1)^n k = 1+2+ cdots +n=(n(n+1))/2

Our Insert equation feature supports three languages:

NOTE: It may be necessary to add cdnjs.cloudflare.com to your district's website whitelist for this feature to work.

Adding Math Expressions

To insert a math expression into the rich text editor:

  1. Place your curser at the desired location and click the Insert Equation button in the rich text editor's menu bar.
  1. Enter the Ascii Math, LaTeX,  or MathML text string.
    • Use preview pane to confirm that the equation is correct and to see how the equation will appear when saved.
    • You can also use the Insert symbol dropdown to complete your equation.
  2. Save.

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