How does Extra credit work in Buzz?

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Buzz allows you to easily mark activities as Extra credit.

To make an activity count as Extra credit:

  1. Open the Activity editor by:
  2. In the Settings tab, scroll to the Gradebook and submission card and check the This activity counts as extra credit box.

How Extra credit settings impact grading

To make Extra credit activities  count toward the final grade, check the Include this activity's score in final-grade calculation box on the Advanced gradebook options card of the Activity editor > Settings tab.

If there are Weighted categories, the assignment's points are added to the points achieved for the category. If there are no weighted categories, the points are added to the course's overall achieved points.

Note: Weighted categories have the option to mark All activities are extra credit. This weight only impacts the way additional points earned from these activities are calculated, and does not impact the other weighted categories.  


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