How do I create supplemental activities that students can choose to complete?

  • Updated:

Buzz allows you to create activities that students can assign to themselves if they want to do additional work on a subject.

Supplemental activities created in this method can also be assigned by a teacher using the Clipboard.  

1. Enable student tasks

  1. Open Course settings.
  2. Check the Enable student tasks box on the Student tasks card.
  3. Save.

2. Add a choice folder and choice activities

  1. Add a choice folder.
  2. Make sure to check the Allow choices from any folder box.
  3. Save.
  1. Add choice activities to the folder that you want students to be able to complete as supplemental work.

When students click the Self assign button, they will see an option to Choose a supplemental activity. Selecting that opens a list of activities to choose from.


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