How do I set up Buzz to drop lowest scores in a Grading category?

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You can set Buzz up to automatically drop the lowest score or a specific number of lowest scores for a given set of activities (quizzes,  in-class assignments, etc).

1. Set up your Grading category

To do so, you first have to create a Grading category to represent this set of activities. When you set this up, indicate the number of lowest scored activities you want dropped from this category.

2. Add activities to the Grading category

Once you have the Grading category set up, you assign activities to it:

  1. Open the Activity editor for the activities you want included and select the Settings tab and scroll to the Gradebook and submission card.
  2. Make sure the This activity is gradable box is checked.
  3. Select the desired Grading category from the dropdown.
  4. Save.

Assign Grading categories in bulk

Buzz allows you to make various types of changes to multiple activities at once using the Editor > Activity list > Bulk edit tool.

Learn more: How do I make changes to multiple activities at once (Bulk Edit)?


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