How do I use the Clipboard to email parents/observers?

With Buzz, administrators can assign observers to one or more students in a course (meaning parents, guardians, learning coaches, etc.). Observers have access to basic course information, performance information, deadlines, and activity previews.

Teachers can easily copy observers on emails to students, or email observers only using using the Clipboard:

  1. Open the Clipboard from the toolbar (or Main Menu).
  2. Select the Messages tab.
  3. Add the intended student(s), Quick Lists, and/or Groups using the panel on the left. Select a course to limit recipient options to that course.
  4. The Send to dropdown allows you to choose Recipients (the selected students), Recipients and observers, or Observers only ("observers" means observers of the selected students).  
  5. Indicate whether you want a copy sent to yourself.
  6. Compose the message in the Send Mail panel on the right and click Send.

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