What assessment tools can I enable for my students?

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Buzz has a wide array of settings and configurations that make it a powerful tool for educators in a variety of contexts. Sometimes, though, this also means that some standard features can get lost in the mix.

This article outlines some of the basic tools and settings that you can enable for students in assessments. For a full overview of what you can do with assessments, review Assessment activity editor.

Specify late submission, number of attempt, and saving rules

In the Assessment activity editor > Settings > Activity and submission card, you choose to set a Due date (not available for continuous courses), and specify:

  1. Whether you want to Allow late submissions, and, if so, what the Late rule and Grace period rules are.
  2. The allowed Number of attempts a student can complete for that assessment.
  3. The total Questions per page you want your students to see.
  4. Whether you want to:
    • Allow save and continue for the assessment. Meaning students can start an assessment, save it, and return to it later. Without activating this option, students must finish and submit an assessment once they've started it.
    • Require answers for submission. Meaning students are only allowed to submit the assessment after answering all of the questions. If not enabled, students are notified that they haven't answered all questions when trying to submit an incomplete assessment, but can still submit.
    • Randomize question order.
    • Randomize response order.

Specify when you want students to see and access assessments

With Assessment activity editor > Settings > Visibility and access settings, you are given a lot of options around when assessments become visible and accessible and to whom. You can also set up accessibility dependencies (e.g., block access until student has completed an activity, block access until student has shown mastery).

Give your students tools to use during an assessment

The Assessment activity editor > Settings > Advanced assessment card offers a lot of options worth exploring (check out Formative and Remediation assessments), but some of the most useful for your students include the following tools:

  • Show highlighter, which allows students to highlight text while taking the assessment.
    • To provide the highlighting tool for an essay question, make sure to put the essay question on its own page.
    • To provide the highlighting tool for a passage question with multiple questions attached to the passage, make sure to display the attached questions on the same page.
  • Show answer eliminator, which allows students to eliminate multiple choice questions that they think are wrong while taking the assessment.
  • Allow student notes, which allows students to record notes about a question while taking the assessment.
  • Allow students to bookmark and review questions, which allows students to review questions while taking the assessment and filter by those they have answered, those they haven't, and those for which they've recorded notes.

You can review these tools here: How do I use assessment tools?


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