How do I build tables with the rich text editor?

  • Updated:

To create a table with the rich text editor:

  1. Click the table tool button and select Insert Table.
  2. Select the number of cells you want in each row and column.
  1. You can select one or more cells in the inserted table to open the table tools you can use to edit the selected cells.
  2. The table tools include (from left-to-right):
    • Top row:
      • Insert a Table header.
      • Delete the table.
      • Insert or Delete row.
      • Insert or Delete column.
      • Define border styles.
    • Bottom row:
      • Split the selected cell(s) vertically or horizontally.
      • Select a fill color for the selected cell(s).
      • Select vertical alignment for content in selected cell(s).
      • Select horizontal alignment for content in selected cell(s).

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