How do I configure group-specific activity settings?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Vary settings (due dates, grade weights, etc) between groups.

Once your groups are created, you can configure activity settings to meet each group's specific needs and to establish group-driven staggered schedules.

Specify groups in the activity editor

The activity editor that you use when creating and editing folders and activities includes a Group dropdown in the bottom, left corner of the window. By default, it is set to All groups; if you want to create group-specific settings, select the group from that dropdown, and configure your settings.

Specify groups in the activity editor

Review group-specific settings

When you create a due date or grade visibility date using the All groups option, these dates appear on the Scheduling tab of the Editor tool; however, group-specific settings can only be reviewed using the activity editor and the Group Settings tab of the Editor tool.

With the Group Settings tab, you can:

  1. Filter the displayed folders and activities by Group Set.
  2. Filter the displayed group set with View By to show:
    • Property, which allows you to organize by Visibility or Due Date in the second dropdown.
    • Activity, which allows you to organize using folders in your Syllabus in the second dropdown.  
    • Group, which allows you to organize by groups within the chosen group set in the second dropdown.  
  3. Select a folder or activity to see it's Properties and use the side menus to Edit, Preview, or Delete folders and activities.
  4. Toggle visibility to students using the eye (visibility) icon.
  5. Modify due dates where enabled by clicking on them.
Review group-specific settings

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Varshini G

How can I assign an activity to a group set itself rather than the groups within the set? Buzz will not let me select a group set when configuring an activity. It only allows me to select groups within the set. Is there a way to assign activity to the Group Set that I am missing?

Scott Taylor
  • Agilix team member

It is not currently possible to select a group set to apply the settings to all the groups in that set. If there is only one group set in the course one can select the settings with "All Groups" selected and that will be the default setting used for the assignment unless overridden by a change in a specific group.

Shane Foglesong

I would be helpful if this page could scroll while always showing the Title. One teacher has 23 groups and as she scrolls to make adjustments, the Title disappears.

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