How do I import gradebook settings from a course template?

Ryan Richins
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Apply existing gradebook settings from course templates.

Your system administrator can add course templates to your domain that you can use to create a new course and/or as a source for gradebook settings.

To import gradebook settings from a course template:

  1. Open the Editor tool.
  2. Select Course settings from Tools in the toolbar.
  1. Click Apply template settings in the toolbar.  
  1. Select the course template you want and check the boxes next to all the settings you want to import.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Save.

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Jeff Lockard

I was asked to investigate if there is a way to batch update Gradebook Settings for multiple courses at one time.  I found this article and have a couple questions:

1. This seems to be a course-at-a-time solution.  If so, is there an option (e.g., import/update) to affect settings on multiple courses at once?

2. I don't see the Apply Template Settings button in the Gradebook settings when I review a course in one of our test domains. Is there a domain setting or other reason this button would not appear?


Jeff Lockard

I think I figured out why I could not see the Apply Template Settings button.  It appears that I need to have created a template course in the domain for the button to appear.

Though, the question about how to do the same activity for more than one course remains, if someone has any advice for that.


Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Jeff, you can use the Courses tool in the admin app to "bulk update" multiple courses. For example, you can apply some gradebook settings to multiple courses at a time.

See How do I use the Courses tool?

Clarice Smith

What if there are more than 500 courses?  Is there a way to bulk update all courses at a domain?  The User Interface will only display 500 courses, so is there a way around that limitation?

Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Clarice!

It currently will update 500 courses at a time in Buzz. One will need to upload a CSV file or use the API to update more than 500 courses at a time.

Jeff Lockard

We seem to be experiencing that the "Grading Categories" are being applied from a template course even though that option was unchecked during the process.  This occurred on a batch of courses that were being updated, though the intent was to not overwrite the Grading Categories for these courses, which is why that was unchecked during the process.  So, we may have a bug that needs to be investigated, but in the meantime, is there a way to view the history details for a course to confirm who changed the Gradebook Settings (particularly Grading Categories) for a course?

Shaun Creighton

I am not seeing the Apply template settings button when I am in course settings. I have created a template and checked the public box on the template course following these instructions. But when I go into another course's settings, I don't see the button to apply template settings. I have tried having the template course in the same domain as the course I'm trying to copy settings into, and I have also tried putting the template course in the same domain as my user account ... neither seems to help. Is there something I'm not getting?

Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jeff!

If that behavior is still occurring, could you submit a ticket to Agilix Support for us to investigate it? There is not an option within the UI to see the who changed the gradebook settings and grading categories within a course. This would require API support to accomplish that. 


Hey Shaun!

In order to see the button to Apply template settings as depicted in the image of step 3 of this document, one will need to setup a domain course template. This is located in the Domain Settings / Course Options (tab) / Template Courses.

Shaun Creighton

Thanks, Brian ... that worked perfectly.

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