How do I create and use feedback templates with replacement variables?

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Feedback templates

You can create feedback templates with the Activity Grader and the Grade Editor. In both tools, you manage them in the right panel under Insert Template in the Feedback (Visible to Student) section (these instruction also apply to the Private Note (Not Visible to Student) section; this content is only displayed to you).

  • Click an existing template to use it; it appears in the text editor where you can make changes.
  • Click the pencil (edit) icon to make changes to an existing template and the garbage can (delete) icon to remove it.
  • Click the plus sign to add a new feedback template:
    1. Provide a Title.
    2. Create feedback content with the rich text editor, using text, images, audio/video, replacement variables, etc.
    3. Save.

Replacement variables

Replacement variables allow you to easily personalize feedback, even in templates.

To use them, place variable codes (outlined in the table below) between dollar signs ($) in your feedback.

Buzz automatically replaces the variables with dynamic values drawn from user information when the feedback is delivered to the student.

Replacement variables for feedback

Replacement variables are allowed in various places throughout Buzz, but only the variables outlined in this table are available in feedback.

Simply set the variable code between dollar signs ($) to activate the variable, like this: $VARIABLECODE$.

Name Value
ENROLLMENTFIRST First name of the current enrollment user
ENROLLMENTLAST Last name of the current enrollment user
ENROLLMENTUSERNAME Username of the current enrollment user
ENROLLMENTUSERREFERENCE External ID of the current enrollment user

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John Swaney

Can these be sorted or their order changed once created?

Shane Foglesong

Is the tag feature still active? Something like $enrollmentfirst$! used to return the first name in the feedback.

Sarah Cox

I have the same question as John Swaney, can we sort them A-Z or in our on order in some way?

Scott Taylor

The course variables are still active, however they are not enabled for feedback templates at this time. This and the request for the ability to resort the templates after creation have been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

Erik Hanson

We are a long time Agilx BrainHoney user and now on Buzz.  We worked very hard to help our teaching staff create strong teacher feedback comments for students in the templates area of teacher feedback.  In BrainHoney, these templates were organized by alpha.    We trained our teachers to label so they could find their templates easily.

Since we have transitioned to Buzz, there is not a logic to how the teacher feedback templates are sorted.  Is their logic to this how the teacher feedback templates are sorted?

This is probably the biggest complaint I get as the school leader since we have transitioned to Buzz.  Otherwise, the transition has been great.  

Please consider updating this sooner rather than later as we have many teachers that are frustrated with lack of being able to locate templates that they have created.

Thank you so much!

Scott Taylor

In Buzz the templates are displayed in order of creation, newest templates at the bottom. If a change is wanted it would be recommended to coordinate with your authorized support rep to create an enhancement request or to post it in the product feedback board for Buzz here in the Help Center.

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Feedback templates were updated today (11/17/16) to display in alphabetical order.

Annette Walaszek

Thanks for adding the alphabetical sorting! Any idea when the option to use course variables, like $userfirst$, might be added?

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