How do I review and grade Peer Assessment activities?

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Once completed by students, Peer Assessment activities appear in your To-do List; you can also access them using the Performance/Gradebook tool.

Review the student experience: How do I complete a Peer Assessment?

When reviewing a Peer Assessment activity, you have access to:

  1. The rubric students use in the activity by clicking View Rubric.
  2. Average Peer Scores for [the selected student], which summarizes the student's average scores in each rubric dimension, as well as their overall average. Click Apply Average under Score to use this average as the student's score for the activity; you can make changes to the Score field's value if you need.
  3. Feedback Summary for [the selected student], which lists all of the feedback from the selected student's peers organized by the rubric dimensions.
  1. Feedback Details for [the selected student], which:
    • Displays the average score and feedback provided by each reviewer.
    • Provides the option to Exclude reviewer's scores from the total average.
    • Review feedback that the reviewer doesn't want their peers to see, under PRIVATE NOTE (if provided).
  2. Feedback Submitted by [the selected student], which displays the average scores and feedback the selected student provided their peers.

After reviewing the assessment, you can use Apply average to use the peer assessment points to give the student a grade, or grade it as you would any other activity with the Grade editor.


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