How do I create blackout dates for my course?

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Use blackout dates to ensure accurate due dates in continuous enrollment courses.

Continuous enrollment courses are self-paced courses for which completion is usually indicated by completion of certain activities rather than by the ending of a semester or other timeframe. When you set up a continuous enrollment course, Buzz automatically schedules suggested due dates for all gradable activities based on various factors; blackout dates are excluded from these calculations, and due dates don't fall on them.

If enabled, Teachers can override Blackout dates

System admins can set up domain-wide blackout dates, and, if they choose to allow courses to override the domain dates, teachers can set up blackout dates for their own courses. When you add course-specific blackout dates, the current domain-wide blackout dates are added to your calendar, but you are unsynced from the domain blackout data calendar and won't receive updates. To resync, simply delete all of the blackout dates you added for you course.

To set up course blackout dates:

  1. Select the desired course and open the Editor tool from the Main Menu.
  1. Open Course settings from the toolbar.
  1. Click Add Blackout date on the Blackout dates card.
Using the Editor
  1. Give the date a Name and provide the Start date and End date.
  2. Click Done and Save the Course settings.

Note: Clicking Add Blackout date automatically creates the date using the default Name and Date info. If you decide you don't want to create the date after opening the window, click Remove this Blackout date.

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Screen shots with instructions on how to find the Editor would be helpful.  

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Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for the feedback, Asosa! We've updated the article to provide more detailed instructions. 

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Mike Morone

In continuous courses, a blackout date range would NOT affect the end dates, correct? 

My understanding is that a blackout date range would exclude due dates in that range, and then just readjust them for the remaining duration of the courses. 

Is that correct? 

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Brian Williams
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Hello Mike!

Course blackout dates apply to the items within the course and does not impact the enrollment start and end dates. It causes the "soft due dates" to avoid landing on any blackout dates. 

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