How do I create remediation assessments?

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Use remediation assessments to personalize your students learning path.

We all know that every student doesn't learn at the same pace or from having the same experience; Buzz's remediation assessments help identify and provide personalized opportunities to learn.

Remediation assessments are given to evaluate student performance, and give them the opportunity to return to material they haven't mastered. To accomplish this, they are generally administered at a point at which the students can still go back and review and/or redo activities to improve their understanding.

Here's how it works:

  1. Remediation assessment questions are aligned to specific objectives along with the activities meant to teach the objectives.
  2. If student performance on the remediation assessment falls short of showing mastery of the objectives, Buzz goes back to activities meant to teach those objectives and marks them Allow Retry in the Activity Grader.
  3. The student is notified of which activities they can retry in the Activity Stream on their Course Home. If the remediation assessment is set to require a passing score to continue, the student is informed that they cannot proceed until earning a passing score when they try to move ahead in the course. Activities with hard deadlines are excluded from this behavior.

Create the assessment

To create a remediation assessment:

  1. Add an Assessment activity to the desired folder, or select an existing assessment and click the pencil (edit) icon.
  2. Open the Settings tab in the Assessment activity editor.
  3. Check the Remediation box in the Advanced assessment options card.
  4. Click Save or select the Questions tab to create assessment questions.
Create the assessment

Align objectives to activities and assessment questions

The second part of setting up a remediation assessment is aligning the targeted objectives with both the assessment questions and the activities that you want included as remediation.

  1. Make sure the objectives are available in the course: How do I create and/or import objectives?
  2. Align the activities that you want used as remediation with objectives: How do I align activities with objectives?
  3. Align assessment questions with objectives: How to I align objectives with assessment questions?
Align objectives to activities and assessment questions

Configure passing criteria

To configure the passing criteria:

  1. Open the Editor tool.
  2. Select Course settings from Tools in the toolbar.
  1. On the Objective mastery card, under Remediation, specify the Minimum number of questions that need to be aligned with an objective, as well as the overall Minimum score a student can earn on those questions before receiving remediation activity suggestions.
  2. Save.
Configure passing criteria

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  • For best results, keep your objective alignments simple and specific.

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