How do I create landing page content for folders?

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Provide students with a description of a folder's activities, goals, potential pitfalls, etc.

Folder landing page content

Students see a folder's landing page content on selecting it in the Course Home (Activities tool). This content can include a folder thumbnail and description, as well as additional metadata, like vocabulary, resources, etc.

Folder landing page content

Edit your landing page content

To edit a folder's landing page content:

  1. Open the Editor tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Click the pencil (edit) icon for the folder.
  1. Click the image to add or change the thumbnail.
  2. Select a Theme from the dropdown.
  3. In the Landing Page section of the Activity tab, create the primary content using the rich tex editor.

Use Replacement variables to personalize Landing page content.

Edit your landing page content
  1. In the Settings tab, add content to the Metadata fields where desired. Your system admin controls which of these fields are visible to students, so contact them with questions. (Some of the fields under Metadata ask for content that, if set up by your system admin, can be used to make the activity searchable in the Digital Library. Contact your system admin to find out if there are fields in your domain that can be used this way.)
  2. Save.

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