How do I create and edit rubrics for Peer Assessments?

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Add a rubric

To add a rubric to a Peer Assessment activity:

  1. Open the Editor from the Main Menu.
  2. Create the Peer Assessment activity (if you're adding a rubric to an existing Peer Assessment, follow these instructions).
Add a rubric
  1. Open the Settings screen and click Add Rubric on the Settings > Peer assessment settings card.
  1. You can:
  2. Click Add.

Follow the steps outlined in Create and edit rubrics, below.

Create a rubric with the rubric editor

To build rubrics, you create Levels and Criteria.

Create Levels

Levels define the columns of the rubric table and represent possible levels of performance.

You can:

  1. Add levels by clicking the plus sign that appears to the right of the levels fields.
  2. Remove levels by clicking the x that appears above each level field.
  3. Provide level titles by clicking the level's field and entering text. If you don't provide titles, level headers display Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc. By default, the levels build, left to right, from lowest scores to highest.

Create Criteria

Criteria define the rows of the rubric and represent the behaviors that are being assessed.

You can:

  1. Add criteria by clicking the plus sign that appears at the bottom left corner of the last criteria.
  2. Remove criteria by clicking the x that appears to the right of each.
  3. Name each criteria by describing the desired behavior in the Title fields above each. If you don't provide titles, the criteria headers display Criteria 1, Criteria 2, Criteria 3, etc.
  4. Describe what a student needs to accomplish to earn each level's score within each behavior (criteria). Select the field and enter text.
  5. Provide the maximum criteria composite score in the Max field. This value is automatically distributed evenly between the existing levels in the criteria and populates the Points fields and level headers within the criteria. You can edit the Points fields if you don't want the value distributed evenly, but you must do so after entering the Max value.

Click Save when you're finished.


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