How do I create course badges?

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Personalize your student reward program with Buzz; it's easier than ever!

Badges can be awarded to recognize and encourage students, and they are rapidly becoming the standard in competency-based learning for recognizing and tracking mastery.

Buzz allows for two types of badges:

  • Automatic badges are configured to be automatically awarded to students by Buzz when they complete an activity, unit, or course.
  • Teacher-assigned badges are configured to be assigned by teachers to reward a specific achievement or behavior. Teachers can choose from badges in specific categories (e.g., leadership, scholarship, service, etc.) and provide personalized comments and/or evidence, so students know why they're being recognized.

Create badges using Course settings

To create both types of Badges:

  1. Open Tools > Course settings from the Editor toolbar.
  1. On the Badges card, click Create badge.
  2. Provide:
    • The badge Name (required; 128 character limit).  
    • A badge Image.
      • Required file type: PNG
      • Ideal size: 90x90
    • A Description of what the badge represents (required; 128 character limit).
    • The Requirements for earning the badge.
    • The Issuer Name, Organization, and Contact E-mail Address.
  3. Save badge.

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