How do I create a Turnitin activity?

Ryan Richins
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Easily create Turnitin activities right in Buzz.

Add the activity

If your organization is integrated with Turnitin, you can easily sync activities using the Editor tool.

  1. Add an activity to the desired folder and choose the Custom Activity type.
  2. In the Custom Activity editor, select Website under the Content section of the Activity tab.
  3. In the field below, provide the URL that matches your location:
  4. Check the Digitally sign the request for LTI box and enter the Key and Secret in the appropriate fields, or paste the Configuration XML information into its field and click Parse XML to automatically populate the Key and Secret fields.
  5. Click Save when you finish making other edits to your activity.
Add the activity

Configure the activity

Once you've created the assignment, click the Activities tool and open it. Buzz opens the Turnitin dashboard where you can configure your assignment using these instructions.

Configure the activity

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  • Some LTIs, like Turnitin, don't trigger a notification when a student submits an assignment. To make sure you know when your students have submitted a Turnitin activity, create a companion activity in Buzz that asks students to Mark this activity complete once they've submitted the Turnitin activity.

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Rebeca Bautista

How can I get my school integrated with Turnitin?

Scott Taylor

The article How do I integrate Turnitin and Buzz? provides steps to enable the integration with Turnitin. It will first require an account with Turnitin so you can have access to their LTI services.

Sami Forster

The integration works great - the only issue we are seeing is that the Google Drive option to submit work does not populate the students Google Drive documents to choose from.  We get the spinning wheel of death.  

A work around is to check the box "pop-up in a new window" in the assignment settings.  But this does not feel as integrated for the student.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Scott Taylor


Are you talking about the Google Drive option within Turnitin or using the Google Drive integration from the Buzz domain settings? If it is Turnitin please contact their support regarding this behavior.

Sami Forster

Hi Scott - 

Nope - the Turnitin Google Drive integration is working great.  But when a teacher goes to make a Turnitin activity in Buzz the option to submit with Google Drive does not populate within the iframe.  In order to get this icon to populate the teacher must select "pop-up in a new window" in the activity settings, which takes away from the integrated experience.



Scott Taylor

Thank you for the follow-up Sami. Could you talk with Greg, your support rep, about this and see if a ticket needs to get created for Agilix support to look at closer? From the sounds of it so far still it is the Turnitin interface, loaded in Buzz, that is having troubles populating but we'll need more information to determine exactly.

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