How do I create grading schemes?

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Buzz allows you to create and use multiple grading schemes in a course.

Grading schemes are criteria-based models for measuring performance.

When creating a grading scheme, you define things like which activities are graded and which aren't, how much they are worth, how much their worth is weighted compared to other activities and activity types, what constitues a passing grade, and in what way grades are communicated (e.g., letter grades, percentages, GPAs, etc.,). The way you define your grading scheme should reflect the importance placed on each included criteria.

To create grading schemes for final grades in Buzz:

  1. Open the Gradebook tool from the Main Menu and select the desired course
  2. Open the tools menu click Final Grades in the toolbar and select Go to final grades.
  1. Click Grading Scheme in the toolbar.
  1. Click Add grading scheme to create a new scheme; if you want to edit an existing scheme, select it.
  1. Edit the default grading scheme in the following ways:
    • Provide a Name.
    • Indicate which assignment grades you want counted under Include Assignments.
    • Adjust the Relative Category Weights in the course (if they're enabled).
    • Choose a Scale Type and edit that scale under Grade Scale. Use Calculate Statistics to get a quick overview of how your scale impacts the grade spread.
    • Indicate if you want Buzz to exclude lowest-scored activities in each category and how many using Dropped Scores.
  2. Save.

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  • On the Final Grades screen Buzz allows you to include multiple grading schemes in calculating final grades. For each student, Buzz takes the highest grade from among all active grading schemes.
  • The grading schemes created here apply only to final grades and students do not have access to them.

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