How do I create agendas for my students?

Ryan Richins
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Buzz lets you easily build daily agendas for you students to follow.

Enabling agendas

 To enable agendas:

  1. Open the Editor tool.
  2. Select Course settings from Tools in the toolbar.
  1. Check the Use agendas in this course box on the first card.
  2. Save.
Enabling agendas

Creating agendas

You can create agendas using the Calendar tool and the Activities tool. They behave the same no matter where you create them.  

Creating agendas with the Calendar tool

  1. Open your Calendar and select the day to which you want to add the agenda.
  2. Click the Add agenda button in the toolbar.
Creating agendas with the Calendar tool
  1. Select the course the agenda is for.
  2. Create the content using the rich text editor.
  3. Save.

Creating agendas with the Activities tool

  1. Open Activities from the Main Menu to see the course's Home Page.
  2. Select the date for which you want to create the agenda and click the pencil (edit) icon next to Agenda.
Creating agendas with the Activities tool
  1. Create the content using the rich text editor.
  2. Save.

Duplicating agendas across courses

You can easily duplicate existing agendas across courses in the same Master/Derivative chain using the Activities tool. This is ideal for teachers with multiple sessions of the same course.

To duplicate agendas:

  1. Open the Activities tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Select the desired day, and click the copies (duplicate) icon next to the pencil (edit) icon.
Duplicating agendas across courses
  1. Check the box next to each course in which you'd like to duplicate the agenda and click OK.
    • This action overwrites existing agendas in the selected courses.
    • If your agenda includes links to activities that aren't found in the selected courses, those links may not work when duplicated.


  • Creating agendas is a great way to let students know what's coming up, help them stay on-task during the day, and provide them an additional resource for making up missed days.

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Flew Flewelling

This is great!  

Is there a way that the agenda could automatically populate the names of assignments that are due on a specific date?  

Bruce Sharp
Can students see the whole week at a glance, or can they only view one day at a time?
Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Flew, currently, there is not. However, we will look into it.

Bruce, as of right now you can only see the Agenda for one course and one day at a time.

Flew Flewelling

Thanks, Brad!  Between this and the To-Do list, the virtual management of the class is getting pretty awesome!

Gideon Seaman

Is there a way to print the agenda? 

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Gideon, there is no one-click way to print a single day's Agenda. The easiest way would be to copy the Agenda's content and paste it into a document to print.

Gideon Seaman

I would love to see this ability in the Master course, and then make any needed changes to individual classes. Thanks for the consideration!

Kevin McBride

This is a fantastic addition! I second Flew's suggestion to auto populate assignments due on a specific date. That would save a lot of time and really make the agenda easy to use.

Gideon Seaman

Woo hoo! Thanks for the modification to copy agendas across the the Agenda tool! This will be super helpful for teachers! 

Alyssa Malcolm


Do you have the functionality in agendas to push the dates? For instance, if I have a snow day or need an extra day on a specific lesson that I can drag and drop my agenda to the next day and then it would possibly push whatever else I have loaded to  the next day as well? 



Todd McElroy

Is there a way to share the whole agenda at once not day day?

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