How do I add content from the Digital Library?

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Easily browse, preview, and add content from external content providers.

Using the Editor

You can add content from the Library using the Clipboard or the Editor. To do so with the Editor:

  1. Open the Editor from the Main Menu.
  2. Select and expand the folder you want to add Digital Library content to.
  3. Click the Add activity button.
Using the Editor
  1. Select Library.
  1. From this screen, click the search [magnifying glass] icon to expand and collapse search fields. Search for content, or browse the catalogs that appear.
  1. When you find the content you want, click Add for the content you want and it is placed in your cart; click Remove to take it out of your cart. You can click Preview to look over the content before adding it to your course.
  2. Click the cart icon to review and finalize your selection.
  1. Click:
    • Link to add the activity as content that automatically reflects updates made to the source content and limits the types of edits you can make yourself.
    • Copy to create a static copy of the content. Copied content does not reflect updates made by the content provider.

Note: When you add Assessment activities using the Link option, you are able to add and delete questions in it. Doing so, however, means that if questions are added or deleted in the source assessment, those changes will not be reflected in your version.

To best maintain parity, adding or deleting assessment questions should be done only in the source assessment.  

Linked activities appear with a Link icon in the Editor, and copied activities do not.


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