How do I use the Performance/Gradebook tool?

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Record and track all student performance in one place.

Gradebook screens

Navigate to the Gradebook tool with the Main Menu. This tool includes four main screens:

  1. Grades provides a table view of students (rows), activities (columns), and each student's score on each graded activity in the intersecting cells. You can click on a student to see their Progress details for each course which is what students see in their Grades course, including the following screens: Grades, Dashboard, For me, What if, Activity, Objective mastery, Analytics, Badges, Settings.
  2. Mastery lets you review the class' objective mastery. Here, you see each objective that is linked to one or more course activity listed along with an indication of how well the class, as a whole, seems to be mastering it.
    • Note: This tab does not appear if you have not defined objectives for the course. Contact your system admin if you should have access to this tab, but it doesn't appear. 
  3. Unit Summary displays each student's progress in completing the activities in the course, as a whole, as well as their progress in each course unit (units are folders in the Editor). This reflects all activities, both those that are gradable and those that aren't.
  4. For Me displays all personalized activities (choice activities, self-assigned tasks, and teacher-assigned Clipboard tasks and activities) for each student on the date it was assigned. Select the activities from the table to review and/or grade them.

Accessibility notes

Three inline help items appear on this screen that are not currently supported by screen readers:

  • Below the grading fields in the Grade Editor for Multi-Outcome Scoring courses: You can selectively excuse a student from any Scoring Objective by entering "X" instead of a number in the score box and then clicking Submit Score. To excuse a student from the entire activity, simply click Excuse.
  • Next to pending grades where they exist in the Gradebook: Pending scores represent activities that have been graded, but the score has not been returned to the student. Pending scores include:
    • Scores that have been saved and not submitted.
    • Scores that have been submitted, but the activity’s specified release date for the score has not passed.
  • Next to the version number (Version: [#]) in the Submit Answers window that you use to submit student answers from a printed assessment: The printed assessment has already been submitted if its version is not [#].

Manage grades display options

The Display Options button in the Grades toolbar allows you to manage all of the content available on the screen. The following sections describe each of these display options.

Visible columns

On this card, you can choose to show:

  • Student Username
  • Student External ID
  • Time of student's Last Login
  • Student Email Address
  • Accommodations indicator flag
  • The student's Score as a percentage
  • The student's Points earned (where applicable)
  • The student's Letter grade
  • The number of Minutes the student spent in the course
  • The grade you've Reported as final
  • Gradable Completion (the progress completing gradable activities)
  • Overall Completion (the progress completing all activities)
  • Whether the student's grade Performance matches expectations (using color indicators)
  • Whether the student's Pace matches expectations (using color indicators)
  • Enrollment Status
  • Enrollment Start date
  • Enrollment End date


Visible footers

On this card, you can choose to show:

  • Missing scores
  • Low scores
  • Score Entry
  • Points
  • Grading Scale
  • Category
  • Period
  • Available Date (which appears as "Student Access Date" in the footer)
  • Due Date
  • Grade-Release Date (which appears as "Score Visibility Date" in the footer)

Group activities by

This card allows you to order the columns according to the Course Outline or by Category.

Score display

This card allows you to choose to see what the student sees for the Score display, or select Points, Percent (%), Letter Grade, and/or Minutes Spent.

Other view options

On this card, you can choose to:

  • Show category totals (this is only available if you have Category selected in Edit column groups).
  • Show lesson details
  • Show For Me
  • Show non-gradable activities
  • Show inactive enrollments
  • Show feedback indicators


On this card, you can choose to:

  • Import and apply Display options that have been set up in other courses.
  • Export and apply Display options from the current course to others.

Additional articles


  • The appearance of [Pending Scores] anywhere on your Performance screens indicates that there are activities in the course that have been graded, but the score has not been returned to the student. Pending Scores are visible only to teachers, and they appear only when one of the following conditions are met:
    • Activity scores have been saved and not submitted.
    • Activity scores have been submitted, but the activity’s specified release date for the score has not passed. 

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