Teacher tool breakdown

Ryan Richins
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Get to know your toolbox

Open your Main Menu to navigate to any of the following tools:

  • Home: Home is Buzz's landing page and starting point for navigating the app. It displays current announcements for all courses, the To-do List for all courses, and Course Cards. This tool gives you a good overview of what's happening in all of your current courses.
  • Activities: Open Activities for access to what your students see when they visit your Course Home and to review/test activities. You can also add and/or edit the landing page content students see on visiting the Course Home.
  • Performance: The Performance tool enables you to record and review student progress in many areas. You can review and enter grades with the Gradebook, review your students' objective mastery with Mastery, review student progress in the course with Unit Summary, and access students' personalized activities using For Me.
  • Reports: In Reports you can run Gradebook, Student, and Mastery Reports for your courses. These reports provide high-level perspectives on student performance and course effectiveness.
  • Communication: Use Communication to post announcements that appear above the To-do List and compose and send messages to individuals and groups.  
  • Calendar: The Calendar displays due date notifications. Select a date or view for a list of activities.
  • People: The People tool provides at-a-glance access to various student data points in one simple table. Use it to track student progress, create and manage groups, send mail, and invite, add, or drop students.
  • Curriculum Map: Use the Curriculum Map to create and edit activities and structure the course.
  • Links: If your district or organization wants to make certain external links available to all teachers and others who use the teacher app, they appear in the Links tool. If no links are added by your system admins, this tool does not appear in your Main Menu.
  • Clipboard: Use the Clipboard to quickly provide personalized attention to individuals and groups of students. It is always available in the toolbar for ease of use, and you can assign activities, award badges, assign tasks, and message students quickly and easily.
  • Editor (beta): The Editor replaces the Curriculum Map with centralized authoring and editing tools, powerful new features, and a cleaner, more consistent look and feel that supports its friendlier, simplified UX.

Take advantage of these tools to encourage students to take ownership of their education, foster greater teacher-student communication, and facilitate various education models.

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Lyn Franklin

Where the instructions on where to change the teacher settings so they can't edit, but can grade only? How does hat impact reporting?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Lyn, you would want to manage the user's enrollments and unselect any permission they should not have. Here are some helpful articles to accomplish this.


I came across this site via a Facebook post. How does a teacher sign up for a buzz account? Thank you.

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