How do I use Buzz's Curve scores feature?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Buzz's Curve feature allows you to assign a max possible score that is lower than the activity's original max score

Lowering the max possible score for an activity improves all student scores. For example, If an activity's original max score is 100 and you lower it to 80, it would impact scores in the following ways:

  • A student who earns 100, receives greater than 100%.
  • A student who earns 80, receives 100%.
  • Etc.

To apply a curve to an activity's scores:

  1. Open the Activity Grader for the activity you want to curve.
  2. Click Curve in the toolbar.
  3. Assign a new max score for the assignment.

You can restrict a curve to a specific group by using the filter after opening the Activity Grader.

Additional activities


  • Use the Curve scores feature to offset the effect of unexpectedly difficult or confusing activities.  
  • Students who earn a score of zero still earn a 0%.


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