How do I create Clipboard Tasks?

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Clipboard Tasks are the quickest way to provide trackable intervention and interaction.

Tasks are personalized, non-graded activities that you can quickly assign using the Clipboard. Tasks are more than “suggestions,” but less than “assignments”; they're similar to in-class exercises, where students may or may not report on their experience afterward, but the real value is in “doing the task.” The Tasks feature takes those experiences further by allowing you to easily personalize them for individuals or groups and follow up on them later. 

Create Tasks

  1. Open the Clipboard from the toolbar or Main Menu.
  2. Select the Tasks tab.
  3. Filter students by Course.
  4. Add the student(s), Quick Lists, and/or Groups to whom you want to give the Task using the panel on the left (How do I add students to the Clipboard?).
  5. Provide a title and description with the rich text editor.
  6. Complete the To complete this activity, and Due date fields.
    • Note: You can choose a Grading category for the task if all students are part of the same course, and choose either Student submits a document or I mark as complete as the completion status to make it gradable.
  7. Click Assign.

Review Tasks

Tasks are created to provide personalized experiences to students and can be accessed the same way you review other personalized activities: How do I review personalized activities?

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  • If you're still using the Curriculum Map (learn more), a Tasks folder is created at the top of it to store tasks.

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